Our tours

Our tours

We currently offer three guided tours in and around Teja Huasi. Please schedule tours one day in advance.

Hiking tours

The Teja Huasi crosses hike is an easy ascent from the village to a look out where you can enjoy an amazing view of the valley and the beautiful hills that surround it. The gorgeous views of nearby villages and seemingly endless valleys will satisfy and inspire further adventures.

We also offer a calmer half day stroll through the lovely gardens of Teja Huasi to learn more about how our neighbours are producing fruits and vegetables to feed the city of Sucre.

These half day walking tours with local guides have the following cost:

-1 person 80 Bs

-2 people: 50 Bs per person

-3 people: 40 Bs per person

-4 people: 35 Bs per person

Our special 7 hour hiking tour to the cliff face known locally as Morado Qhaga offers a unique opportunity to learn about Teja Huasi´s history and ecosystems from a local guide.

This almost full day walking tour with a local guide has the following cost:

-1 person 160 Bs

-2 people: 85 Bs per person

-3 people: 60 Bs per person

-4 people: 50 Bs per person

Bike tour

Rent our gear in Sucre, visit the Dinosaur Park (optional), and enjoy the exhilarating hairpin turns as you ride 800 m down to the Rio Chico Valley. Breathtaking Andean views, and charming country side will stir your soul.

The cost of the guided bike tour from Sucre to Teja Huasi is:

-1 person: 200 Bs

-2 to 3 people: 100 Bs per person

-4 a 5 people: 90 Bs per person

Reserve our guided tour from Sucre by bicycle by calling us at 76963277.

Once in the valley enjoy miles of quiet rides  through the producing huertas and take a dip in the warm waters of the Chico!

We rent out our bikes in the valley at a cost of 30 Bs per day.