Our Team

Our Team

janilee porter

Janilee Porter – Daughter of a Canadian soldier, Janilee worked many years as a research geoscientist in the oil and gas industry. While traveling and living in many countries around the world she developed a keen interest in social and environmental issues. Returning to Canada in 1995, she championed environmental and social justice initiatives, taking particular interest in empowerment of oppressed women and First Nations peoples, and redressing the excesses of the oil and gas industry. She graduated from a Master´s of Arts program in Conflict Management in 2012.  Janilee is Bolivian Oasis´ owner, manager, and hospitality specialist.


Leonor Quispe – Leonor was born and raised in the Río Chico valley, where she has lived most of her life. As many Bolivians have done she briefly moved to Argentina in search of better opportunities, but has since returned to her home town. She currently lives in Teja Huasi with her parents, her husband René, and their 3 children. Leonor is an agriculturalist, guide, cook, and Quechua instructor for Bolivian Oasis.



René Chumacero – René, Leonor´s husband, was born and raised the Río Chico valley. He has been awarded as the best young agricultural producer in the valley and has also been a construction worker in Argentina. René is a guide and Quechua instructor for Bolivian Oasis.


Reynaldo Cutipa – was born in Teja Huasi and finished his secondary school in Sucre, where he also studied tourism at the Universidad de San Francisco Xavier. He has worked as a policeman, construction worker, barber, musician, agriculturist, and fish farmer.Reynaldo is currently the main tour guide, as well as fish supplier for Oasis Boliviano.

trevor porter hirsch


Trevor Porter Hirsche – Janilee´s son, Trevor has been enchanted by Bolivia since he first set foot here more than 10 years ago. Having a BSc. In Environmental Science and a MSc. In Geological Sciences Trevor has worked in Canada, Peru, and Bolivia as a farm hand, factory laborer, scientific researcher, and university professor. He also worked for several years (mostly as a volunteer) in a Bolivian NGO, where he deepened his passion for working to resolve social and environmental issues in the country. Trevor is agriculturist, community relations specialist, guide and cook for Bolivian Oasis.