Learn from the Locals

Learn from the Locals

We offer unique opportunities to get to know and learn from rural Bolivians. Check out our traditional cooking lessons, Quechua language lessons, and agricultural lessons below.

Learn how to make two very traditional uniquely Andean dishes: K´ara Pullka and Wathiya. Both of these dishes are prepared in the open air using firewood for heating. In the case of Wathiya earthen blocks are heated up over the fire and then used to cook fava beans, potatoes and a small Andean sweet potato called oca. K´ara Pullka is a thick corn stew with a similarly unique preparation: stones are heated in a fire, and then dropped piping hot into the stew.

Our guides can also teach you to prepare bread in a traditional wood-burning clay oven.

The prices for these cooking classes (including the food itself, which you will enjoy once the class concludes) are:

-190 Bs for 1 person

-100 Bs each for 2 people

-80 Bs each for 3 people or more.

We also offer a unique opportunity to learn to plough agricultural fields with oxen.

This half day lesson costs:

-220 Bs for 1 person

-120 Bs each for 2 people

-80 Bs each for 3 people or more.

Quechua is an ancient Andean language that was brought to Bolivia by the Incas, but has been spoken in parts of what is today Peru for more than 1000 years. It is still spoken by millions of people, mostly in rural areas of Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. We offer a unique opportunity to learn this beautiful language from native speakers in an agricultural community.

Quechua students have two options:

1. An introductory half day lesson to get a feel for the language and learn a few basic phrases.

This half day lesson costs:

-1 person: 40 Bs

-2 people: 25 Bs each

-3 or more people: 20 Bs each

2. Full day immersion, great for travelers who intend on spending a lot of time hiking in the Andes, or volunteers who wish to work in Quechua speaking communities.

Cost per day for immersion:

-1 person: 70 Bs per person per day

-2 people: 50 Bs per person per day

-3 or more people: 35 Bs per person per day

If you take Quechua lessons for more than a week you will be elegible for discounts on your accommodations.