How to Reach Us

How to Reach Us

We are close to the historic city of Sucre, whose city center has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well preserved colonial architecture. Although we are located just 35 km from the city center we enjoy a much more tropical climate than Sucre thanks to our lower elevation.

There are 2 ways to Bolivian Oasis from Sucre: 1. In public transportation 2. In private taxi.

2. We recommend a cultural experience taking public transportation from Sucre.

-Before you set of on the journey it´s important to call us at 76963277 or send a message via Whatsapp to +59172858328 so that we know to expect you.

-You will begin by walking 1 block from the plaza (past the ´Casa de la Libertad´) to Calle Junín.

-At Calle Junín look for ´micro´ (small city bus) number 3 and wave it down on the street.

-As you get on the micro pay 1.50 Bs per person and tell the driver that you would like to  go to Parada Cochabamba (say ´Voy a Parada Cochabamba´).

-You will pass the bus terminal and the Rotonda (traffic circle) Rotary.


map sucre teja huasi

-Depending on traffic your trip to the stop will take at least 20 minutes. Once you get to the Parada Cochabamba (see photos below) ask the driver to stop (say ´Parada por favor´).

Hawkers and drivers at the Parada Cochabamba will ask you where you are heading.  Tell them ´Puente Teja Huasi Por favor´ (Pwentey Tay ha WASSy) as you get on the bus.   You will be directed to a small bus- mini van or shared taxi.    Vehicles leave the stop when they are (very) full.

-Once you are in the flat of the valley and cross the bridge over the usually dry Rio Chaquimayu you know you are close.

-From here be on the look out for a Río Chico, a small river that always has water in it. From the bend in the river you will pass through two small villages before arriving to our turnoff.

map sucre parque cretacico

-As you pass through the villages it is a good idea to remind the driver that you wish to stop at Puente Teja Huasi.  Also watch for our sign on a turn off on the left hand side of the road (see photos below).

-When you see the sign say ´parada por favor´ and pay between 7 or 8 Bs as you get off the bus or taxi.

road sign

-From here walk about 1 km down the hill to cross the bridge and then follow our signs along the river road to Oasis Boliviano.

2. Taxi Privado

 It is also usually possible to hire a private ¨taxi express¨ at Parada Cochabamba that will take you to our door.  It requires negotiation but 50 to 60 Bs for the drive is reasonable.  Call Trevor if you prefer to arrange a private taxi pick up in Sucre (769 63277).

If you are traveling to Sucre from Cochabamba or Santa Cruz it is possible to arrange to get off the bus in the nearby village of La Palma, just a short walk across the bridge from Oasis Boliviano. If you wish to do this it is important to call us first to arrange the details.

Before you end your stay with us we can help you arrange direct transportation to some of the spectacular tourist destinations further down the highway from our place. Much more interesting than the cities of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz are the colonial village of Totora, the jungles of Villa Tunari, Samaipata (with one of the most famous archeological sites in Bolivia, El Fuerte), and the Amazonian Amboró national park.