Bolivia is a land of contrasts. From hot, humid jungles teaming with life to frigid, barren salt flats with white ground and blue sky stretching as far as you can see. Bolivia is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world and this incredible biological diversity is matched by the amazing diversity of its people. To really appreciate this unique country you need more than just a few days here. You need to enjoy, but then move past the well-known attractions like Lake Titicaca and the Salar de Uyuni. You need to get out of the cities and a bit off the ´Gringo Trail` to experience what really makes Bolivia unique – life in rural areas.

Rural Bolivia presents an astonishing cultural diversity. Each village has its own traditions, customs, beliefs and way of relating to nature.  Going on a guided trekking through the Andes or the Amazonian rainforest is a good start, but to really appreciate Bolivia it`s best to stay at least  a  few days in a rural community to develop an understanding of what life is really like there. At Oasis Boliviano, only 35 km from downtown Sucre, we offer a convenient opportunity to get a little bit off the beaten path and connect with the Quechua speaking, agricultural community of Teja Huasi while enjoying beautiful scenery and staying in safe, comfortable, accommodations. We also offer volunteer opportunities to help us reach our goal of promoting tourism in a way that is respectful both of Teja Huasi`s unique culture, and of the environment, or Pachamama.

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