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Morado Qhaga hike

Morado Qhaga hike

Waken to the tranquility of rural Bolivia – filtered sunlight through the fruit trees, birds twittering, fresh air, and the scents of a hot breakfast prepared for us as we begin a day of adventure.

We leave Oasis with our guide Reynaldo in the cool of early morning dressed in protective clothing, shoes, and hat, bringing sunblock, lots of our filtered rainwater and a camera!  We stroll along tropical paths in and around the Teja Huasi village site and gardens as Reynaldo shares traditional uses of the various plants.

When we begin to ascend we are surprised at the rapid transition to arid climate as we learn of the wealth of basic resources available in that stark environment.  Along the trail we encounter historical sites and expansive vistas while hearing stories of the land.

Thankful for the cooling breezes, about 4 hours into the trek, we reach the narrow Purple Cliff summit.  Rugged colourful rock face falls to one side of the ridge down toward Teja Huasi, contrasting with the vibrant green and gentle landscapes of the surrounding valleys and villages that pepper the riverbeds and the lone paved road that connects Sucre with larger Bolivian cities.

view el chaco

Cradled beneath the looming cliff face with an unfettered panorama of the Andes surrounding us as birds of prey soar below, we are served a traditional Bolivian lunch and treated to chilling legends of the cliff and its connection to The Other World.

The switchback path descending from the cliff is well used by locals and their farm animals.  And we tread carefully downward as the clear view of the pool at Bolivian Oasis draws us toward a relaxing afternoon to rest, reflect, and refresh.

This evening around a campfire, fireflies sparking in the garden, we gaze back up at the cliff as heavens lights progressively rise, glimmer and glow over us.  Perhaps Reynaldo will return with his guitar and sing to us of the legends and life stories of the Andes and the Rio Chico Valley.

Sucre’s Tropical Paradise – The Rio Chico Valley

Sucre’s Tropical Paradise – The Rio Chico Valley


swimming in the river

Jugosos mangos recién sacados del árbol. Comiendo estas deliciosas frutas orgánicas en el Río Chico no puedes evitar compartir un poco con los pececitos que nadan en tu alrededor.

Juicy mangoes fresh from the tree. Organic fruit goodness dribbling down your chin to share among the little fishes in the Rio Chico at Janilee’s Oasis!